User-mining: Start at the gym, end up at a bar?


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Today, I spent all day “Hacking with Cloudera on CDH3” at the Cloudera Hackathon understanding people’s location-based activities using Yelp, Foursquare, and Twitter. By analyzing the data algorithmically, I got strikingly similar results to those shown on, which are based on user-generated and hand-moderated content. I was able to retrieve more data regarding users’ whereabouts each day, even hour. Here are my results:

As expected, most people still go to the park over the weekend. Does this mean that unemployment isn't that bad, considering that no one has time for nature Monday thru Friday?

People generally like the park during the middle of the day. Once again -- expected.

Ahah! People start their weeks going to the gym... and then they get collectively lazier.

Surprisingly enough, Thursday is the most popular day for eating out.

More people travel on Friday, Sunday and Monday more so than on Wednesday and Saturday.

While some people hit the bars early at noon, most people go at night...and then to a lounge.

Remember all those people who gave up on the gym towards the end of the week? They're at the bars.